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Passionate About Inspiring Others



Ken is a patient builder. He likes to have volunteers work alongside him. If they do not know how or why something needs to be done, he patiently explains.  He loves to teach others to work tools and build. Ken brings all his own tools to the site and willing to share how to choose the right tool for the job.

Margaret has been a Bible teacher for 25 years, she loves working with women of all ages. Along with Bible teaching, she may weave in canning and/or jelly-making classes, a bread-making class or a class to teach how to make your own soap.  






We believe God has given us each unique gifts and abilities to be used to further His kingdom. We love to encourage others to explore their personal gifts. Have you explored what God has for you to do for the kingdom? Our desire is to encourage you to explore and use the gifts and abilities God gave you. 

We may invite you and others into our home for Bible studies, for encouragement, or to share a meal with us. We may invite you to come along on mission trips with us to explore the use of your gifts. Our hope is that we will be an encouragement to you in your walk with Jesus.





Ken is a gifted carpenter. He is an "Old School" carpenter, meaning he builds quality and as inexpensively as possible. The belief of Ken and Margaret, of Priscilla and Aquila Ministries, is that every job done is a job done as to the Lord. When we come on site, we never ask a church for money, we only ask for an RV hookup, so that Ken can continue to do his work.

You will not hear Ken say "that's good enough." For Ken, if the job is worth doing, it is worth doing well. He never wants to hear God say to him as he is about to step into heaven, "that's good enough." He wants to hear "Well done good and faithful servant.





What a blessing Ken and Margaret have been to the ministries and missionaries here on Chestnut Ridge in Appalachia! Bringing their smiles, encouragement, their talents, and their love, they have selflessly come alongside whatever needs, projects, activities were on the agenda at the moment. Margaret has spoken for women's retreats, taught Bible studies (while making soap), sewed quilts, and played hostess for other visiting missionaries while Ken pounded away on one of our community outreach projects, or quietly took time to share insight, counsel, and direction to those less skilled working along-side him. Best of all, their willingness to give Jesus all the glory as they serve to make them an asset wherever they are welcomed in His name.

Bonnie DeRouchie

Director, Appalachian Community Care 

Philippi, West Virginia.


Ken and Margaret were a blessing the moment their 5th wheel arrived. Ken's abilities to lead a building project and the quality of his work is amazing. Margaret's gift is the relationships she instantly develops with those she comes in contact with. Together, they are an amazing team that blesses all those they touch.

Pastor Paul Richardson

Licking Assembly of God

A spiritual gift is given to each of us so we can help each other.

1 Corninthians 12:7 NLT

Ken and Margaret have a servants heart. God has and is using them to grow His Kingdom through their gits. At Ridin the River Cowboy Fellowship we are blessed to call them family and have reaped the harvest of what they have planted and watered. Thank you, Ken for endless hours of professional work. Thank you, Margaret, for mentoring, loving and supporting our ministry. Keep the cinnamon rolls coming!

Jeff Bishop

Ridin' the River Cowboy Fellowship


Partner With Us

This ministry is sustained by the freewill offerings of interested friends and churches. If you’d like to support our work you are welcome to give by using the donate button at the top of the page. Priscilla and Aquila Ministries is a 501c3 non-profit ministry. Any contributions are gladly accespted to help build more churches and ministries.

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