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Be Still and Let God Decide

The way God has led Ken and me to serve in Priscilla and Aquila Ministries is to just wait for His leading. We know His way is best and He will show us His way.

Is it easy? NO, at least not usually.

This past year was no exception. In the spring of 2020, we were waiting for God's leading. We prayed daily for God to show us where, when, who and how we were to serve. On April 29 of 2020, our prayer was the same. Show us your way God.

He did. As I sat down to start my regular Bible study for the day, I heard Him say, as clear as if He was sitting right next to me, "Go tell Ken he is to build Jeremy's house." Wow! I had no doubt God had spoken.

Ken was working in the far corner of the church where we were serving. I slowly walked up to him, resting my head against the wall until he noticed me. He looked up and I told him I knew where we were to serve next. He asked "where?" I told him and he told me he had been praying about that exact thing, confirming it was God who was leading us.

We had no doubt we were to build out the house of Pastor Jeremy and Keylee Levi.

The only thing is, we always said we would build only for churches, not individuals. As we put it back to God with this question, "Are we really to build an individual home?" We were assured by God that building this house WOULD be building for the Kingdom. This Pastor and his wife are in love with Jesus and desire to serve Him and Him alone. They are raising their four children to love Him. They have a vibrant future ahead of them.

Now, fast forward one year and our part of building their house is complete.

So where do we go from here?

Priscilla and Aquila Ministries began with a love of Jesus and a desire to finish out our lives in service to Him and His Church. If your church or campground is in need of a physical remodel, reconstruction or overhaul, give us a call or send an email. It may be just what God has for us, to join with your ministry to help you grow and serve Him more.

Here is the letter we received from Keylee after we left them in Texas. Needless to say, it brought tears to our eyes.

There is a very special couple who is on their way to back to Michigan today. We first met them six years ago. They had just literally given up everything and was putting all their faith in Jesus and figuring out what they were called to do. With very little money in their bank they insisted, demanded on buying us lunch. Me seeing their sacrificial love started then.

God gifted the husband, Ken, with an amazing ability to build. And like any good craftsman he is a perfectionist. No matter what he is working on or who he is working for he works for the kingdom of God and always gives 110%. Wife, Margaret, is gifted in the ability to connect with women and teaching women all there is to know in homemaking. She is always genuine, loves big and stands firm on God’s word.

While they were helping build our Church God made it to clear to them to start Priscilla and Aquila ministry where they would travel across America and help build rural Churches. As several years went by I saw how Jesus was working in their lives and using them in the lives of others. We got to see their struggles, how they kept their faith and how Christ was always there giving them strength when they needed it most. Watching their story has been a true blessing.

In 2018 after a lot of praying Jeremy and I felt it was time to take a leap of faith and start our journey of making a home. We decided to buy land and planned to build the house off our cash flow. It seems like a crazy thought to most and far fetched especially with only Jeremy working but we had faith God would provide and we were ok with waiting and it taking as long as it was going to take because God has perfect timing.

In 2020 Priscilla and Aquila Ministry was called to help build our home so that Jeremy could focus on his calling to preach. I could not believe what we were getting blessed with. Since we were doing it cash flow they said they would help until we could not afford to buy any more material. We thought we would have enough for framing MAYBE walls. GOD PROVIDED!

Through good finds on marketplace, getting lumber before prices skyrocketed and people helping where they could, some how we were able to finish the house. What we thought was surely going to take us at least five years we were able to get done in one.

Now while all the building was taking place. Margaret has been busy sharing her knowledge with the women and helping me get prepared for canning. I’m so thankful for her as she has genuinely cared about me, been such an encourager to me and shown me and the kiddos so much love and I know I am only one of many that she has impacted this way.

Christ shows us how to serve and that showing true love sometimes means to sacrifice just as he sacrificed his life to save us. There are many many hands that helped clear our land and build this home. Thank you ALL who helped you were a true servant and showed us the sweetest form of love by sacrificing. Some sacrificed their time. Some sacrificed their money. Some used their skills. This home is more then just a home. It’s a constant reminder of the sacrificial love so many showed us and is a constant encourager for us to pass it forward. For ALL that helped THANK YOU and I pray that God blesses you ten fold.

Priscilla and Aquila Ministries you have not just made a huge impact on our life but many lives especially at this church. I thank you for showing us what truly living for Christ looks like. Using your gifts for the kingdom, loving even if it means sacrificing and keeping a strong faith through good and bad times. We love you so much and we will miss you. I pray for travel mercies and guidance on where to next he will have you go.

For those wondering we plan to stay at the ranch we are currently at to help the owner until it is sold which will probably be within the next year.

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