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Catching the Elusive Internet Signal

As you enter the new life of Construction Missionaries, you will find your phone to be the best source for staying in contact with your friends and family, but it isn't the only way. Along with phone service, you will probably want internet coverage. Before you hit the road, put some thought into what you will use the internet for...streaming movies and watching tv, running an online business on the road, keeping up with social media??

It has been our experience, to go where and when the Lord asks you to go, He never tells us to check for internet coverage before we get there. When God says go, we go! And many times we have arrived and stayed on premises with little or no internet signal. For a week or so, this is not a problem, but oftentimes we stay onsite for weeks and months at a time.

How do we handle the low signal coming into our RV? On a missionary budget, is a separate satellite dish worth the expense or do we get a signal booster? Or, like we have for many of the eight years we've been serving, we just learn to get by with the limited coverage.

This year, we decided to try something different. We purchased a signal booster. We chose the WEBoost for RV's. We just hooked it up yesterday so we really haven't had much experience with this brand yet. We have a 30 day return window if it doesn't make a difference in our internet signal.

Before we bought, we did our research.

I made a list of the ways we looked for the brand and the type of signal booster. My first concern was us living in the RV fulltime like we do, traveling to different regions of the country like we do, and living beside tall trees or churches or other building like we do, our concern was for a signal booster designed for the RV life. Then, after determining this was our first concern, we looked for other tips and tricks.

Here are my top six tips for searching for a signal booster to meet your needs.

6 Tips for Finding the Best Cell Booster:

1. Determine the type of booster you need

Different cell boosters are designed to serve different purposes, so it's important to figure out which one would work best for your specific situation. For example, there are boosters that are meant for use in vehicles, while others are designed to be used inside buildings.

2. Consider the strength of the booster

The strength of a cell booster is measured in decibels (dB), with higher numbers indicating greater signal amplification. It's important to find a booster with a strong enough signal to cover the area you need it to.

3. Check for compatibility with your carrier and phone

Not all boosters are compatible with all carriers and phone models. Before making a purchase, make sure the booster you're considering will work with your phone and carrier. (I found out in my search for a signal booster that ATT and Verizon were not the same company. I didn't know that!)

4. Look for additional features

Some boosters come with additional features like automatic gain control or signal strength indicators. These can be helpful in ensuring you're getting the best possible signal.

5. Read reviews and compare prices

Before making a final decision, take the time to read reviews from other users to see how well the booster performs in real-world situations. You should also compare prices from different sellers to ensure you're getting the best possible deal.

Number 6 is the most important. Give this matter to the Lord. I am so lost when it comes to anything technical. But asking God to give me clarity and knowledge helped me get through what I call the "muddy brain" syndrome. I spoke with other full-timers too, to see what they used. Be sure to ask God then ask folks you trust, that have walked the way you are headed, for the right advice.

I hope this helps as you ready yourself for the road. Let me know what you are doing or are planning to do to get a good internet signal. I am always open to suggestions!


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